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The Insta360 ONE R is a pocket-sized powerhouse that transforms, on the fly.

Recognised by Time Magazine’s best inventions of 2020, this modular action camera allows you to easily swap lenses from a 360 dual-lens mod, to a 4k 60fps wide-angle shooter, with the third option of adding on a 1-inch sensor lens mod, which just happens to be co-engineered by Leica - the optics giant dubbed as the best lens-maker in world. 

You’ll always have the best tools to capture the action.

Here's what the reviews are saying!

A tiny camera with clever software, great image stabilisation and ... up to three modules that drastically change the way it shoots videos and photos.

The ONE R is one of the most unique, ambitious action cameras we've seen.

If you're only going to take one camera, make it the ONE R. An innovative modular design, AI editing and the best quality footage yet make this a must-buy for action camera and 360 fans.

There's an old canard that the best camera is the one you have with you; the new Insta360 ONE R's new modular design lets you carry multiple cameras in just one device.

The dual lens 360 mod raises the bar with Super 5,7k resolution, leveraging encoding and advanced image processing , a s well as an AI - powered finishing algorithm to preserve detail and make your edits truly POP , all while the premium 1 - inch sensor delivers the best image quality on an action camera – at an excellent 5,3K at 30fps. Advanced image processing combined with opt imum optical design com e together to create a rugged but capable piece of tech.


The ONE R showcase sharp details and vibrant colours that competitors simply can't capture even in low light environments.
Lastly, the ONE R's automatic functionality is what truly sets it apart as a standout device.

Even in low light environments, the ONE R shines past its competitors with features such as Night Sh ot which ensure you get natural, clear and vibrant shots – even after dark , while the camera’s AquaVision mode automatically balances the colour grade for underwater images . HDR Photo + Video, allow s you capture vivid footage with vibrant colours - h ighlights, shadows and everything in between come across just as you see them. With the camera’s built - in FlowState Stabilization, that achieves gimbal - like stabilization, just without the gimbal.

On-the-go capture has never looked so good!