Apple Vision Pro Review

Apple long-awaited headset, the vision pro, has been the topic of many videos and articles and has been repeatedly compared to Meta’s Quest 3.

We delved into all the content we could find, to bring you a summary of the general first-impressions and experiences.

Read on to see the consensus.

Front view of the Apple Vision Pro VR Headset

The Good

The Verge

"The display is a technical marvel, boasting the best video passthrough yet, while hand and eye tracking represent a significant leap forward. It seamlessly integrates with Apple’s ecosystem, offering a fun experience of placing windows all over space."

The Washington Post

"The device offers a mesmerizing and immersive experience with spatial computing, enabling users to engage in various activities seamlessly, from watching movies to editing spreadsheets and cooking, all without physical hindrances. It's comfortable to wear for extended periods, up to four or five hours, and provides a hands-free and convenient way to interact with apps and content."


"The VR headset offers a complete iOS-ready computer experience, seamlessly blending the real world with virtual objects in the user's vision. It comes with practical accessories for customization and comfort, including different head straps, along with additional items like a Light Seal, Light Seal Cushions, polishing cloth, battery, and charging cable."


"Praised for its innovative technology, the device allows users to access multiple screens in augmented reality, offering an infinite canvas for app usage. It promotes seamless multitasking and integration with real-world activities, enhancing the user experience with its versatile features."

PC Mag

"The device offers a unique blend of VR and AR experiences, known as "spatial computing", and boasts high-resolution cameras and sensors for accurate mapping of surroundings. Powered by Apple's robust M2 chip, it delivers strong performance and seamless operation. Users can enjoy immersive movie-watching experiences through the Apple TV app, while hand gestures replace physical controllers for interaction, adding a touch of futuristic simplicity to the overall experience."

Close up shot of the Vision Pro power button from the top of the headset

The Bad

The Verge

While the device is undoubtedly innovative, it comes with a hefty price tag that may deter some potential users. Despite advancements, the video passthrough feature still exhibits blurriness at times, detracting from the overall experience. Users may find hand and eye tracking to be inconsistent and frustrating, impacting immersion. Additionally, the personas within the virtual environment can come across as uncanny and somewhat unsettling, potentially diminishing the sense of comfort. Furthermore, some users may find the experience to be isolating, lacking the social interaction found in real-world environments.

The Washington Post

While promising, the device may feel rough around the edges in terms of functionality and usability, requiring refinement. Users might encounter frustration and inconvenience when features don't work as expected, detracting from the overall experience. Navigation and interaction methods may present a learning curve, lacking intuitive simplicity. Despite its potential, the headset may struggle with performance issues, particularly when running multiple apps simultaneously, hindering seamless multitasking.


The device's high price point may serve as a barrier for some potential buyers, deterring them from investing in the technology. Furthermore, the additional costs associated with prescription lenses further contribute to the overall expense, potentially limiting accessibility to a broader audience.


There are concerns about the device blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds, prompting criticism for potentially impeding human interaction and fostering detachment from reality. Comparisons to dystopian scenarios, reminiscent of narratives found in shows like Black Mirror, further highlight apprehensions about the societal implications of widespread adoption. Additionally, the high price tag raises valid concerns about affordability and accessibility, potentially limiting its reach to a select few.

PC Mag

The device's high price tag may restrict accessibility for some consumers, potentially excluding those with limited financial means from experiencing its benefits. Furthermore, its requirement for cautious use, particularly in environments where obstacles could pose risks, adds an additional layer of consideration for potential users. The absence of physical controllers may also limit compatibility with certain apps or experiences, reducing its versatility in the market. Additionally, being exclusively available through Apple further restricts options for purchase and distribution, potentially limiting access for those outside of the Apple ecosystem.

Side view of the Apple Vision Pro from the right with the solo knit band attached


From the reviews, the Vision Pro is a technological marvel. The amazing passthrough and tracking features are surreal, the ability to have virtual objects and screens pop up in thin air makes one imagine possibilities. The price tag, however, is a huge hurdle, considering you can get a Meta Quest 3 that comes with an impressive display, full color passthrough, hand tracking and actual controllers for almost 10 times less.

That said if you’re an early tech adopter, or an individual or organization that wants to develop virtual reality solutions, the Vision Pro is an amazing device and is worth exploring. Pre-order one in our store today.

Video Reviews

We've also curated a few video reviews as well for a more in-depth look at the Vision Pro, nevertheless stay tuned for our soon coming in-house review of the Apple Vision Pro.

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