Case Study: Campview - Developing a Thriving Business With Your 360° Camera

In the new world of social distancing, virtual tours are the perfect way to explore different spaces from the comfort of your own home. They capture the real world in a way that allows you to explore them as if you were really there, saving you travelling time but also ensuring that only customers that are truly interested visit  spaces that are showcased by businesses.

Today’s real estate industry has seen technology play a vital role using the power of the internet, 360° cameras and virtual tours to provide competitive edge to those who choose to pivot their businesses during these crucial times. But how can you be sure that this is the right solution for you and your business, and that if it does really convert?

Introducing Campview, a Potchefstroom based business developing virtual tour for various campsites and resorts across the country. 


ATKV Drakensville Resort - KZN


Campview is a company based Northwest province, an area that is well known for its natural wonders attracting campers, backpackers and tourists alike to its picturesque resorts. However, with hundreds if not thousands of listings on platforms like and AirBNB, the challenge these businesses face is standing out from the rest of the crowd on the online platforms.

In 2017, through research and exploration Campview founders John Cloete, along with his partners Quinton Robinson and Johan Steyn, found that he could leverage the growing trend of consumers moving primarily to the web against the emergence of  360° VR technology to increase conversions for businesses by up to 16% over four-week periods, and giving them a competitive edge through creating highly interactive virtual tours of the resorts throughout South African which were aimed at the camping enthusiasts.

When the company was first founded, the trio had begun this venture with a focus on shopping malls, then quickly had to pivot to campsites and resorts due to the red tape involved in creating the marketing material for the malls. It was at this stage that Quintin, who was an avid camper at the time, mentioned the difficulties he had faced as a camper looking for the right accommodation with getting details of the facilities available at the resort. This is became the primary solution the pair sought to resolve for both campers and business owners.


River Run Resort - Parys


Since its inception, the company has gone from strength to strength, creating virtual tours for prestigious resorts such as the ATKV Buffelspoort, ATKV Natalia Resort, ATKV Goudini Resort, ATKV Drakensville Resort, Umfula Resort situated to close the banks of the Vaal River, the 4 star resort River Run Resort situation between Potchefstroom and Parys as well as the Limerick Lodge, a lovely country venue situated next to the Vaal River just 25km outside of Potchefstroom on the R501.

To create the virtual tours Campview have been using the Insta360 ONE X, which is currently available for purchase on our website. In our next post, we will be detailing how you can create your own virtual tours, the different options on cameras you can buy, and the different software you can use to create the tours to develop your own thriving business like John, Quintin and Johan.


In the meantime though you can check out the video below to get an overview on how to get started.




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