Arkon Connection to 1/4 inch Camera Mount Adapter


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Make your GoPro mount accessories compatible with the 1/4”-20 standard camera pattern with Arkon’s SPGP1420 adapter. This adapter is compatible with all GoPro HERO mounting accessories utilizing the lateral screw pattern, including car mounts, helmet strap mounts, and bicycle or motorcycle mounts.

This package includes only the GoPro HERO Mount Connection to 1/4”-20 Camera Adapter. (Mounts, holders, and devices sold separately.)



Attach the adapter to the GoPro accessory’s lateral screw pattern, re-attach the lateral screw to secure, and then attach the 1/4”-20 compatible camera.

Your GoPro accessory is now ready for mounting a small digital camera, such as those from Ricoh, Insta360, Vuze, or others.


Converts GoPro accessory mounts to standard camera mount pattern

  • Compatible with GoPro mounts and other mounting accessories with the GoPro lateral screw pattern
  • 2 year limited warranty

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