Insta360 Titan Camera

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8× Micro Four Thirds Sensors

The largest sensors in any unibody VR camera, raising the bar for high-end VR capture.

Unparalleled Clarity

Shoot 11K mono and 10K 3D. VR has never looked this real.

Unshakeable Stabilization

With FlowState Stabilization and a 9-axis gyro, dynamic shots come out perfectly stable.

Colossal Color Depth

10 Bit color allows for billions of color combinations and surgical accuracy.

Control from Afar

Long-range live monitoring with Insta360 Farsight.

CrystalView 11K Playback

Shoot 11K then playback full quality with CrystalView, even on mainstream smartphones and headsets.


In The Box

1x Insta360 Titan Camera

1x Trolley Case

1x Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

1x Titan DC Adapter

1x Titan AC Cable

1x Protective Lens Cover 

1x USB2.0 to 100Mbps Ethernet Network Adapter

1x USB Type-C Cable

1x 1/4" to 1/4" Adapter

6x Antenna

1x Farsight Transmitter

1x Farsight Receiver

2x USB to DC Cable

2x Farsight Power Adapter

2x Micro-USB to Micro-USB Cable

2x Micro-USB to USB Type-C Cable

2x Micro-USB to Lightning Cable

1x Farsight Pole Mount

1x LAN Cable 

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