KanDao QooCam 8K 360 Camera - Enterprise

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Kandao QooCam 8K Enterprise with compatibility of video, photo and live with 8K, 5.7K, 4K for Full HDR and Full view Live. In-Dual Lens F2.0, FOV: 200°, LCD: 2.4 inch.

Dot Matrix OLED and wifi: 2.4G/4G/5G Outdoor/Indoor Digital Camera for Sport action with weight approx. 245g, size approx. 145*57*33 mm, screw:min. ¼ inch standard screw and PC/Phone support for process full HDR 8K live video and 3D full view photo Apps and various feature and function for sport action, travel, live and indoor/outdoor in QooCam Apps connected with Wifi & USB & Type-C in 360 degree view and 3D VR operated with Phone Apps.

Various Circumstance: Convenient equipped with various occasion such: Conference/Meeting Room, Party Table, Beach Sunset, Balcony Greeting, Countyard Memories

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