Logitech Chorus VR Off-Ear Headset for Meta Quest 2


Sale priceR 2,199.00

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MADE FOR QUEST 2 - Simply attaches to all three Quest 2 strap options. USB-C passthrough connection plugs into Quest 2, no battery required.

 Off-ear. On point.: Ultra-realistic audio thanks to a new approach to headset design with custom-tuned off-ear acoustics. Nothing in or around your ear to interfere with your game. Nothing touching your ears at all.


Simple Comfort: Lightweight, comfortable and convenient with easy flip-to-mute feature. Stay cool with open air around your ears. Move as fast and free as you please. CHORUS stays in place and never needs to be taken off or unplugged.

 Hear Two Worlds at Once: Big open-back audio drivers create a huge sound stage for the virtual world to flow into your ears. Hear the biggest moments and the tiniest details in the metaverse with custom tuned off-ear acoustics.


Quickly Flip to Mute: CHORUS quickly and easily mutes when you rotate it up and out of the way. Then, when you’re ready to get back into VR, just rotate it down outside your ears.


USB-C ALWAYS AVAILABLE: USB-C for power, optional Elite Strap with Battery, or anything else. Once attached, CHORUS is fully integrated with USB-C passthrough.1 No separate power source needed


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