Mirfak Audio WE10 Pro Wireless Microphone


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-High-fidelity sound quality, undercut noise reduction, sensitive pickup, multi-device compatibility and other multi-function W10 wireless microphones.
-Throughout the 2.4 GHz frequency band, the microphone system will automatically change the transmission frequency, which has the advantage of long-distance anti-interference.
-The built-in omnidirectional high-fidelity microphone supports vocal curve correction, which can locate the sound source omnidirectionally, accurately capture and restore original high-definition sound.
-WE10 has a dual product form. When you start recording, insert a TF card, which is both a microphone and a recorder. At the same time, in the radio, it will automatically backup and store audio to the TF card, worrying about damage or loss of sound.
-Through the 3.5mm mm headphone monitor interface, the real-time monitoring recording situation can be inserted into the headphone, which ensures the stable and efficient work of the microphone.

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