Pico 4 All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset - 128GB

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The Pico 4 is an all-in-one VR headset that can be used as a standalone or with a PC. The Pico 4 is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. The device has a 4K+ display. Pico requires no social media account for use of the device. Games and apps can be accessed through the Pico store and SteamVR store.

The Pico 4 combines an incredibly lightweight design with a crystal clear display providing 4K+ resolution. The Pico 4 has its battery built into the back of the head strap providing an even weight distribution on the front and back, which provides extra comfort. The headset has access to the Pico store, which is adding new and exclusive games, fun sports for fitness, and live video performances to its offering every week.

Balanced design

easy to wear - The balanced design means that the weight of the PICO 4 is evenly distributed to the front and the rear. The result is a superbly comfortable fit.

Superlight for longer play

The Pancake lens design has made the PICO 4 much lighter, weighing less than 300g you can comfortably play for even longer.

 4K+ super-vision display

The PICO 4 is equipped with two 2.56-inch Fast-LCD screens that deliver 105° field of view for even more immersion.

Motorized inter-pupillary distance adjustment

PICO 4 supports 62-72MM inter-pupillary distance adjustment with precision via the settings menu.

Universal quick access where you need it when you need it

PICO OS 5.0 supports real-time contact with online friends and access to over 250 apps and games with the PICO Store

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