Pico G2 4KS Virtual Reality Headset


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The optimal device for most enterprise applications with a 4K resolution, unique weight distribution, and flexible

architecture. The G2 4KS improves on the previous design by increasing storage to 128GB and adding a 20% larger

battery, which can be more easily serviced to extend the life of the device.


  • Display - 4K Resolution, 101 FOV, 75Hz refresh rate
  • Components - 835 Snapdragon, 128GB Storage, 4GB RAM, SD Card Slot
  • Connection - BT 4.2, WIFI b/g/n/ac (supports Miracast)
  • Design - Serviceable Battery, Unique battery placement
  • Developer - Android 8.1, Pico SDK (Unity, Unreal, Native Android), Wave SDK
  • Content - Pico Store, Firefox Reality Browser (WebXR)

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