RICOH THETA - Remote Control TR-1


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Bluetooth remote control] BLE remote control suitable for the RICOH THETA series. A BLE remote controller that can be easily connected and can easily release the shutter remotely without connecting wirelessly to a smartphone. [Feature 1] Bluetooth Low Energy power saving design. Battery life is 100 days (when the power is turned on for 8 hours a day and the shooting signal is transmitted 50 times). [Feature 2] Thin size with a thickness of just 12 mm. [Feature 3] Since the THETA can remained paired for 8 hours in a row, there is no need to reconnect. [Feature 4] Reliable weather resistant construction [Compatible models] RICOH THETA SC2, RICOH THETA Z1, RICOH THETA V (as of September 2020) [For THETA Stick] An attachment for the THETA selfie stick (TM-2 / TM-3 sold separately) is included.

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