RICOH THETA - Selfie Stick - TM2


R 999


IDEAL FOR TRAVEL The TM-2 can be used for shooting in a wide range of scenarios such as when traveling or at events or when shooting the surrounding scenery Compatible Models A selfie stick designed for use with the Ricoh THETA series Fingers are not reflected distances The user's hands from the Theta body allowing the user to take 360° images without their fingers interfering with the shot Compact and lightweight This selfie stick has 5 extension legs and is approximately 83 6cm (32 9 inches) long when extended Very easy to carry out for traveling EASY TO USE The TM-2 is also equipped with a dial that reduces wear on the THETA tripod mount holes and utilizes a lock mechanism developed by Veblen Corporation a leading Japanese tripod manufacturer allowing the THETA to be used in a stable state even when the stick is at full extension despite its slim design TILT-TYPE CAMERA PLATFORM It features a specially designed tilting camera platform that prevents the camera platform itself from appearing in the shot and reduces the amount the pipe section is captured in the shot to a minimum when using the TM-2 without tilting it Comfortable grip adopted an easy-to-hold rubber type grip in matte black ALUMINUM PIPE The TM-2 boasts an exterior with a luxurious finish with the aluminum alloy pipe section coated in black so that it does not stand out Screw thread connected with UNC 1/4 screw thread Specifications Maximum extension 83 6cm (32 9 inches) folded up length 22 9cm (9 0 inches) weight 155G (5 46oz)

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