VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement for Oculus Quest (2019)


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Take your VR experience to the max with our Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set. With every pack, you get a facial interface and a pair of wipeable PU leather foam replacements in two versions: standard and comfort.

Both foam paddings prevent light leakage. Switch between them to find the best fit and immersion. The comfort version with its thicker, broader pad helps to distribute the weight of the device better. For users with prescription glasses, there is also room to fit most frames.

The thinner, standard foam puts you closer to the display, offering a wider field of view and a tighter fitting.

Effective at reducing pressure and red marks on the face, these ultra-soft foam replacements will make long VR sessions much more comfortable.

Cleaning the accessories is easy. Simply use a cloth or anti-bacterial wipes to remove sweat and grime and you will have a fresh and hygienic headset again in no time.

The Basic Set includes:

1 x Facial Interface (black)
1 x Oculus Quest PU Leather Foam Replacement (standard)
1 x Oculus Quest PU Leather Foam Replacement (comfort)

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