AR Technology. What in The World Is It??


AR (Augmented Reality) is the process by which a user can interface with a digital concept in real life to either change or modify their surroundings via a digital interface, simply put, it is integrating images, objects or animations into the real world around us through a device such as a phone or a computer. As a concept, AR technology can be used by businesses to further their reach through interactive marketing campaigns, as well as a tool to save time and resources in new and interesting ways. It can also be a tool to encourage businesses to be more technologically orientated. Customer interactions also increase with items such as Instagram stories being used or filters from a company.




3D Modelling is one of the major applications of AR tech and can be applied in stores and allow people to try on clothes or even see how furniture would look in their apartment. 3D AR renders of the product help customers visualize the products to decide if the products match the existing furniture or fit well in the room. E.g. rise/augmented-reality ecommerce-magnolia-market




Virtual Stores are another application for AR tech that is rapidly on the rise. Here people can walk through a virtual space to experience the items you have on offer. The idea behind this is to expand Ecommerce to be a bit more immersive. E.g. ples-digital-technology-in-retailstores/


Informative AR provides more information on a product through an application on your phone . According to a report by Retail Dive early 60% of Shoppers look up product information and prices while using their mobile phones in stores. E.g. s/how-shoppers-use-theirsmartphones-instores/444147/

With fitting rooms occasionally getting super busy, and the current hygiene and health concerns.  and health concerns over  can sometimes deter shoppers from buying. AR tech can make the lives of customers better by using AR. By standing in front of the camera, customers can see how clothing items look on their bodies without physically trying anything on. E.g.


Augmented Branding Materials AR can take branding materials like cups and calendars to the next level by adding a virtual component. Users can scan printed materials with their mobile devices to access a range of features giving them more information and ways to get in contact with the brand. Customers and companies can connect also through, more interaction like a video highlighting some of the information being conveyed, bringing a dynamic element to the static text on the brochure. E.g.







1: Sale items in-store are easily seen by the user as they point their camera towards a QR code or item. Click and reveal to see the information about the product as you go. This can be used for quick adverts as well as information on a product around a mall.

2: Users have a custom background environment. The user can create their own background and allows a company to do promotions to attract more users to an item or event. This will be based of their social media standing and how many people constantly interact with their page. This can be used in joint coordination with any major campaigns or company promotions and events.







Initial plan of action

This could be a notion in your head you want to explore or an image that’s making me think of something I want to build out of it.



Develop concept for master design. Often, I build-out of a combination of photo bashing & sketching other times it might be more 3D. Either way, this a creating an exploration time.


Determine how AR component will work. If I have not had an idea before this ill figure out whether or not the whole animation comes to life pr whether there are other bits that need to create.



This can sometimes move between the last step & this step. Often during illustration ill get a glimpse into my head of how sometimes the act of writing the music will explain where the rest of the project is going.



Bring design element to life. Take prepped file & adjust if necessary, for luminance keying. If things feel off move back to previous step & make adjustment until thing feel right.


Snapchat introduces Local Lenses—a persistent, share AR world built right on top of the physical one - 2020

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong way to create but only the end product, how you get there is totally up to you, the creation is only as great as the creator thus be great in your process, be great in your timing, be great in your vision.

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