Introducing The Rokid Glass 2

COVID Compliance Made Easier For Students in Jiangxi, China.

Like virtual reality before it, Augmented Reality tech is the latest craze in tech ripped straight from science fiction that tech companies worldwide are trying to bring to life. Something we haven’t seen as just as often, is AR meeting AI, quite like how Rokid is doing it.

The Hangzhou-based startup, an innovative tech company specializing in robotics research and AI development, arrived on the scene this past year with a surprisingly capable pair of AR glasses scheduled to hit the market late last year.


What are the Rokid Glass 2



The Rokid Glass 2 are the successor to the company’s  inaugural enterprise-level smart glasses The Rokid Glass. This versatile set of voice-controlled AR glasses compatible with a wide range of external devices, sensors & computing devices. They operate on the Android platform, have applications for purposes such as training, configuration & maintenance, power inspection, and logistics & warehousing, to name but a few.


Rokid Glass 2 represents a major upgrade from its predecessor, most notably, the arms of the glasses can now be folded and put away just like a pair of ordinary glasses, only they also include an AR display thanks to the glasses’ low-power LCOS display screen. They have a 40-degree field of view & a build 10000mAh which allows you to work for 8 hours with a single charge, it also has a 9 axis IMU sensor, an 8-megapixel autofocus camera, & a dual active noise-cancelling microphone.


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, they added a temperature detection function to Rokid Glass 2. With the infrared sensor, Rokid Glass 2 can detect the temperatures of 200 people within 1 minute from 3 meters. The detections are contactless, accurate and are useable in different high-risk scenarios such as airports, schools, parks, workplaces, etc.


In the middle of the pandemic on the morning of April 13, students of Tonggu No.2 Middle School in Central China’s Jiangxi province, rushed to campus for the long-awaited reopening of in-school learning. Surprisingly, nobody stopped them for a temperature test, which is quite abnormal considering the safety measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


A security guard at the school’s entrance, wearing a pair of AR glasses, did test the student’s temperature, quietly and efficiently, without even being noticed. These glasses, rolled out by Chinese startup Rokid, were first used on March 23 by security guards in Hongyuan Park, in Hangzhou, East China’s Zhejiang province, to help to measure the temperatures of park visitors. Since then, the device has been exported to 35 countries and regions including Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, and South Africa.


Transportation operators across the globe including, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, private airport operator Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, and Dubai Transport Security Department are all among its clients.

The eyewear, which looks like a normal pair of sunglasses, is equipped with infrared sensors and can detect the temperatures of about 1,000 people within one minute from a distance of three meters. If someone is detected with fever, the security operator will be alerted by an alarm function within the device.


Ultra-Contrast Ratio

The latest technology to intelligently bring realistic, vivid picture details to any experience


Multi-Person Temperature Measurement

Measure 200 peoples' body temperature within 1 minute from 3 meters


100% Hands-Free Voice Control Interface

Responsive and convenient for work and play


Accurate Object Recognition

Industry-leading AI and AR technology lets you interact quickly and accurately with your environment


Powerful Remote Assistance

Quickly get help when you need it through remote connectivity.



We recently got a hold of a pair of the glasses, and we have been nothing short of a amazing. Within the next couple of days I’ll be covering my personal experience with the Rokid Glass 2 in our next YouTube Review!

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