HoloLens 2 vs HoloLens 1 comparison

Hololens 1 vs 2Holo Lens 1 vs Holo Lens 2

Mixed Reality technology has evolved so much in the past couple of years and in the forefront of Mixed Reality headsets, we get Microsoft’s infamous HoloLens headset. Since the first drop in 2016 Microsoft’s has improved their MR headset with their second generation offering and today we’ll be taking a look at the second generation HoloLens in comparison to the first one.


  • Processing Power

The HoloLens 2 uses QC Snapdragon 850 in comparison to the Intel Atom x5-Z8100P from the first-generation HoloLens

  • Field of View

The HoloLens 2 boasts a 52 degrees field of view, which is a bit larger than the 30 degrees FOV from the first generation HoloLens

  • Design and Wearability

One of the most noticeable changes has to be the design of the headset, Microsoft revisited their original design and brought in a few upgrades with the second generation of the HoloLens. The battery pack and processing unit has been moved to the back of the headset, which has helped with the weight balance of the headset. The headset is a bit lighter now, and that’s a result of the trimming and modifications that took place. This helps because now you can spend more time on the headset without it feeling heavy or strenuous. The headset also has a flip-up visor display.

 Holo Lens 1 vs Holo Lens 2: top view

Top view image of the Holo Lens 1Top view image of the Holo Lens 1

  • Battery Life

The battery on the HoloLens 2 has an average of about 3 hours use from a single charge, which is just a minor improvement from the 2.5 hour battery life on the HoloLens 1.

  • Interaction & Control

The headset doesn’t come with a controller, as it only uses hand tracking now. The gesture manipulations allow users to interact with objects in a very intuitive manner: like using both hands as if you’re folding a map, to resize and scale. The voice assist feature provides an array of commands that one can use. 


HoloLens 2 main features

  • Camera: the HoloLens 2 features an 8 MP camera that is able to record video in 1080p.
  • Ease of use:you can now easily control the MR headsets using gesturing and gaze tracking as well as voice support. The headset is able to accurately map and interact with the users’ environment thanks to various sensors and depth cameras.
  • Holographic lenses:the head-mounted display features two transparent lenses (or “waveguides”) with automatic IPD calibration.
  • Hand tracking:waveguides with automatic IPD calibration allow for better tracking for the user with even fingers being tracked.

The HoloLens 2 is still a great piece of technology that can be used in various industries to offer different kinds of solutions and/or bring efficiency. Remote working, Training Simulations, Sales, Healthcare & Surgeries, Computer-aided Designs and Security & Defence, are some areas of work where the HoloLens is being used.


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