Fathers Day

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The Ultimate XR and Action gift

4 Unique Gifts for Father’s Day

Get the best Deals for the best Dad

Father’s day is just a few days away, as we all love our dads, and we want to do better than just getting him another cliche gift, like a belt or a tie, for example. We want to get something unique and thoughtful gift that is also useful because we know how particular dads are about 'practicality'...

We know fathers worldwide love exploring and adventure: the activities that demand strength, capability, and some heroism, and thereby anticipated that your loved one would appreciate all these qualities. Our specially curated Father's Day gift collection has the products that will cater for the most adventurous of Dad's needs.

Our Unique Gifting list is not only offering the option to capture excitement for a hero's journey, but we also offer Dad the option to get himself excited about life in general. With our collection product bundle, Dad can explore and experience life, while still gunning to be the best version of himself.

Experience Quality Time with Dad At Home

And with that in mind, here’s a list of reasons why you should get a dad you know one of our Father’s day bundles:

  • Improved fitness - VR games are more immersive than conventional video games, they require more bodily activity, especially games such as Beat Saber and Creed boxing. You get a workout that’s just as entertaining as it is intense. Meta Quest 2 has excellent movement tracking capabilities which makes it the perfect choice for more movement-focused activities.
  • Movie night is amplified - Imagine watching a movie from the inside. Imagine the adrenaline rush as you’re running away from the 12-foot t-rex trying to eat you in Jurassic Park. Or imagine the tension as you’re zapping through space avoiding laser fire from Darth Vader’s ship, totally immersed, forgetting there’s a world outside. This is what you offer dad if you get him the Pico Neo 3; its convenient streaming capabilities and wide field of view make it a movie theater he can take anywhere with him, as long as there’s a pc and wi-fi. Need we say more?
  • More immersive research - VR allows dad to get as close as possible to real experiences from anywhere he is, e.g if he’s into cars, for example, he can experience what it’s like to drive his favorite car model. Or experience what it’s like to be in orbit if he’s trying to learn something as academic as geography. And these are just a few options out of many, especially if you get him the Meta Quest 2, with its huge content library. It can also make “learning/homework” time with the kids more fun, which means more chances to help your husband bond with the kids, or, if you’re the child in this scenario, allow you to spend more time with him, especially if you own a VR headset as well.

Get the full immersive experience with our collection of Virtual Reality Headsets:

Capture adventure time with your Dad

You can be an excellent gift-giver for dads by avoiding the classic mistake of a lousy gift. The best, most thoughtful gifts are from people who took a few minutes to think about Dad and apply a bit of fore-thought

4. Hiking/sports companion - Their ruggedness, excellent image stabilization, and wide range of accessories make 360 cameras the perfect video diary for men who love to be outdoors - whether that’s going on hikes, playing football, or even doing manual labor. He can record amazing, immersive videos of his solo adventures, and if you cop him a mini wireless microphone and the Insta 360 run bundle, for example, you can help him build a collection of high recorded personal moments he can revisit and reflect on. Who knows, maybe he shares them online and people find him interesting, and boom, he’s a famous mini-vlogger.

We are offering with our collection a hero’s journey and get Dad something that speaks to his true interests and shows him just how much you appreciate and value him through a well-thought gift, more importantly, to show how you view him as a hero. Access a collection that gets Dad to get the excitement and to feel celebrated this Father's Day, while also gunning to be the best version of themselves.

 The above are but a few applications, and what you use with the headset or camera is limited only by imagination. Join the vast adventurous dads with their own hobbies and style, and we are excited to see what each of them get up to with the opportunities for creativity our Father's Day Collection bundles provide.

Our bundles are only available in the month of June, and you will not find better deals. Get a super affordable gift for your super dad, the father figure in your life, while you still can. SHOP NOW!

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